The clients where Eastern has worked on deployments and/or performance of applications
  • Rabobank International
    Within Rabobank International Eastern has worked on several projects for implementation and improvement of the global IT-workspace. Advising, implementations and support were daily tasks. The projects I worked on: Read the references given by the colleagues of Rabobank.
  • Delta Lloyd Group
    Within Delta Lloyd Group, Eastern was responsible for the desktop management. Creating MSI and App-V packages, Windows XP & 7 troubleshooting, software distribution with both SCCM and Bluebase, and improving the IT workplace. Much of the work can be done with scripting in PowerShell or VBscript. We are familiar with scripting in these languages. Staying […]
  • ZOA Refugee Care
    ZOA is a refugee care organization. To administer all the help and projects they use the ZIS ZOA Information System. Eastern has tested the security and roles of the ZIS system. After screening the whole system, a table is created with all the permissions. With that information it can be easily determined which permissions each […]
  • Belastingdienst
    Belastingdienst is the Dutch Income Tax Office. Eastern worked on several performance projects for applications within the Belastingdienst. In some cases also a capacity advice was given. The client received a detailed description of which hardware needed to be used to have a proper performance of the application. For other applications, the advice was focused […]
  • Contentional
    Contentional is the company which develops and sells the mBrace performance method. The mBrace method has the possibility to provide capacity advice for computer systems. For two years Eastern was managing the IT infrastructure for Contentional’s web environment. The core business application servers of Contentional are connected to the internet. The servers consist of a […]
  • mBrace
    mBrace, the innovating pragmatic method to gain information regarding performance and scaling of an application, set of applications or hardware sizing to reduce performance risks. Analyst As an mBrace-analyst Eastern was involved in different projects for example, the Belastingdienst. A performance analyze stars with investigating the functionalities of an application. Focus points will be determined […]
  • Achmea
    Within Achmea, I worked in the packaging department; Creating MSI packages for the AWS platform (Achmea Workstation). Besides packaging I was involved in the core application deployments. GITS (Group IT Services) handles the complete IT environment for Achmea and the daughter company’s. The network of Achmea has around 22.000 computers in different locations within The […]
  • IBM
    Eastern worked on an IBM contract for a big insurance company within the Netherlands for migrating Windows NT4 and 2000 to a virtualized VMware ESX environment with Windows 2003. All the server systems with applications installed were in scope. To achieve the result of a proper working environment a lot of communication is done with […]
  • ASML
    ASML is one of the world’s leading providers of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. For this organization, Eastern has worked on all the applications to move them to Windows XP Professional. Types of applications were: development environments, tax programs and online meeting tools e.g.. Within ASML, we proceed as follows: