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performance test

Performance testing

We offer the complete journey to ensure an application has a correct performance. Starting with an intake, gather all the requirements and make a load model to run the test. Scripting the application in a proper tool like JMeter, LoadRunner and if needed extra scripting to support the test in Python, Bash, Rexx, PowerShell or other scripting languages.

Setup proper monitoring, the preferred tooling is Telegraf, Influx and Grafana but we are open to other tools. In many years of performance testing we have worked with many tools.

In the end we deliver a report or presentation with all results and findings during the performance test.

Often performance testing is a repetitive process, so multiple iterations are often needed. Depending on the length of the project several reporting points can be defined.

Even integrating performance testing in your CI/CD pipeline can be done by us.

Performance engineering

Which solution is the best? Ofcourse it is needed to think of the architecture, but it is important to prove the architecture choices if they are correct. Which one is the lowest in resources, the fastest, the most endurable. The advice is to measure it!

But also research about how to performance test on newer platforms like OpenShift and Kubernetes. How does that work, what kind of monitoring is available and what are the boundary conditions.

Or measure what will improve the performance? For example: does it give a good improvement if HTTP/2 is implemented in this use case? Or what kind of index is needed to set, an index on A or an index on B etc.

performance engineering

Training: How to performance test

Workshop or training how to setup a complete performance test. In this session we will learn you why it is important to run a performance test. How to start preparing for a performance test, think about monitoring and how to define goals for the performance test.

In a second session we can dive deeper and learn about tooling like JMeter, LoadRunner etc. to write a test. We will do a practical scripting with an application, and also we will run and analyze the performance test.

In the end there is a session to include performance testing in a CI/CD pipeline like Jenkins, Github Actions, Azure DevOps etc.

Coaching of teams during performance testing and analyzing is a service that we offer too.